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Hey, I'm Hannah ✍🏻

I condense complex ideas into simple and easy-to-recall visuals that are highly sharable on social media.

My work has been seen by millions, generated 150k+ followers, and led me to work with influential people like Steven Bartlett and Codie Sanchez.

Now, I'm sharing my secrets with you...

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Your burning questions 🔥

✏️ What tools do you use?

I use Adobe Illustrator, but there are other alternatives like Figma, Affinity Designer or Procreate. It is less about our tools and more about how we use them.

If you want to learn my exact process, you can sign up for the course here.

🔄 Can I share your visuals online?

The short answer is, yes, but only if you:

1️⃣ Provide credits: clearly credit me in the caption of your post. Don't just subtly tag me.

2️⃣ Don't edit my work: You are not permitted to recreate my work. You may not add your name, face or logo to my work, or crop out my logo and add image filters.

3️⃣ Share it as a “one-off”:  Not part of your regular content strategy to post my work, such as, posting my work every week.

4️⃣ Non-commercial use: Share for personal use only, not to sell your product or service. If you would like to purchase a licence to share my illustrations commercially, please contact me directly.

I take my copyright very seriously. If I see that you are infringing on my copyright, I may ask that you edit the caption of your post, repost it or delete the post entirely to prevent me filing a copyright claim to have your post removed.

Take the motivation offline 💌

A motivational range of 2024 calendars and prints to help you plan your months with intention, make the illustrations tangible inspire great things! Shipped with love be me.

What people are saying 🤍

I've had the privilege of working with inspiring people, from award winning authors and TEDx speakers, to high performance coaches, and successful founders.

The Quoting Ideas Visually course

20+ fluff-free text-based lessons, packed with visuals and voice notes for a personal touch. You'll learn the meta-skill of translating your ideas into scroll-stopping visuals.

Because we all have good ideas, but sometimes we need a little help communicating those ideas.


"It's a phenomenal course if you want to be able to visually articulate a story or a strong message online"