Quoting Ideas Visually ✍🏻


Learn the meta-skill of translating your ideas into scroll-stopping visuals. Attract opportunities to your door with visuals that change the way you think forever!

"Everyone has creativity within them. It's just a matter of unlocking that creativity"

- Christina Canters

Expect text-based lessons & voice notes

20+ fluff-free text-based lessons, packed with visuals and voice notes, to make them easy to scan, and personal in delivery - as I am chatting to a friend!

Video tutorials

In a never shared before process, I candidly walk you through how I make impactful visuals in both Figma and Adobe Illustrator. Choose the software that works for you!

Creator spotlight

I compile the best talent and spotlight a new artists so that you can get inspired and discover the friendly faces in the visual community. It's growing rapidly.

Plug & play visual templates

14+ adaptable templates and layouts to remove the friction of starting and help you create visuals with ease, which alone are worth more than the price of the course!

Community access & individual support

Connecting with like-minded people was pivotal to my success. Together we can give and get feedback on your work and jumpstart your social media growth! We don't do it alone.

Library of visual frameworks

40+ frameworks to kickstart your visualisation journey. A highly requested timeless resource that will provide you with go to metaphors and wire your brain to look for more.

Viral visual checklist

An invaluable checklist based on the NICER framework that I have devised to help you assess your work before you hit publish and boost post performance.

"It's a phenomenal course if you want to be able to visually articulate a story or a strong message online"

 - Harvey Lee

Easy to follow curriculum ⤵︎

Module 1: Get context

A need for visuals, Types of visuals, Mindsets to win, You can draw, & Who inspires you?

Module 2: Generate ideas

Choose your tools, Collect insights, Metaphors & Frameworks, Translate text to visuals, & Create an idea bank

Module 3: Create visuals

Software basics, Create polished visuals, Develop your style, Choose a font, & Assess your work

Module 4: Share your work

Start sharing, Have a clear mission, Leverage the internet, Nurture your creativity, & Copyrights & crediting

💬 Community support & feedback

Connect with other like minded creatives, give and get feedback on your visuals!

Come with an open mind and a willingness to share. It will encourage others to do the same and catapult your growth.

Meet your mentor 👋

Hey, I'm Hannah! The one-woman team behind Quoted Visually. As a dyslexic kid, visual notes helped me remember content for exams.

I went from studying Fine Art to working in Graphic Design, to quitting my job to go all in on Quoted Visually and say YES to the opportunities coming my way!

In 2+ years, I have gained a combined following of 150K+ people and have honed in the art of visualising ideas. Now, I want to share my secrets to help you experience the magic too.

Community members are killing it 🥹

In no time at all, this could be you! It's all within your reach.

Become a world class visual communicator

Go from complex concepts to simple metaphors

From not knowing where to start to confidently creating compelling visuals

From having no ideas to endless ideas

From having no style to a distinctive style

From feeling under the radar to being noticed!

From professional creator to at least 1% better.


What people are saying 🤍

I've had the privilege of working with inspiring people, from award winning authors and TEDx speakers, to high performance coaches, and successful founders.

Got questions? 👀

Do I need a design background to take the course?

Not at all, it is beginner-friendly!

You don’t need to 'identify as' an artist or have a design background. The course will take you through the process step-by-step and hold your hand as you started.

It's not about drawing, or artistic ability, it's about getting good using your mouse...

Will the course benefit me if I am already a visual creator?

Yes, if you are looking for those 1% gains then taking this course will give you access to the behind-the-scenes of my processes and help you streamline yours.

The content may not feel completely new, but it will be a chance to review 'how' you do 'what' you do.

What is the format of the course?

It is concise a text-based course, packed with visuals, chatty voice notes, and essential video tutorials that teach you how to create visuals. You can go at your own pace, whilst hearing directly from me, as if I am voice noting a friend.

How long will the course take?

It depends on your reading pace. It could take you a few hours. I suggest that you do it over a couple of days or weeks to pace yourself and give yourself a chance to process the information. The goal is to develop a lasting habit, this can’t be rushed. Keep it fun!

Do I need to pay for the design software?

No, you can use Figma for free and create your visuals there! If you have access to Adobe Illustrator, you’ll be able to use this too. I will provide tutorials in both these packages, and the processes you will learn will apply to any design software.

What can I use visuals for?

The applications are vast! Visuals could be suited for your social media, website, presentation, pitch, newsletter, article, app, revision notes or even your dissertation (where I started with mine).

Can you guarantee that I will be able to make visuals?

If you put in the work and time to practice, it is inevitable. You will be making viral-worthy visuals in no time. Just don't let your desire for a quick fix get in the way!

Be willing to play the long-term game to see the results later down the line.

Will I learn to make animations?

Nope. In this course we will be making static visuals but you will be able to apply what you learn about condensing information to future animations.

Would I be able to learn without taking the course?

Yes, but here the benefit is speed, convenience, and access to behind the scenes of my processes that I have NEVER shared before!

You can do what I did and spend 2+ years learning and acquiring all the skills on your own, or you can get everything handed to you on a silver platter. Social first infographics like this are a new and emerging space, there aren't many courses like this around. Get in early!

But also, building leverage with visuals online is not just about the skill, it's about the people. The community connections and access to me will be invaluable too you.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not accepted, with it being a digital product, you get full access to all of the materials upon purchase. If you are unsure about something before making your investment, email me: Hannah@quotedvisually.co.uk

Is it lifetime access?

Yes! If I ever stop offering the course, the course content will be sent to you to download.

The course platform may change and the community may one day be discontinued, but any changes will be made with reasonable notice to you. Lifetime access is contingent on the lifetime of my business.

Take the plunge and soak up the lessons that took me 2+ years to learn in a matter of hours. If you put in the work, it is only a matter of time before you will start to see results.