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Hey, I'm Hannah Wilson!

I live in the English countryside with my little Fox Terrier.

Many people ask me, how did I get into this?

Well, as a dyslexic kid, visual notes helped me remember content for exams.

At university, I studied Fine Art and became quite the prolific landscape painter. Simple visuals made complex philosophical topics more digestible in my dissertation.

For my first job, I bagged myself a Graphic Design role at a small start-up!

But after a while, I was ready to move on:

  • I felt under the radar
  • Lacking purpose
  • I knew I had more to give
  • But I had nowhere to channel my efforts
  • I started to dull down my ambitions.

In January 2022, a kind mentor suggested that I marry up my Graphic Design and Fine Art skills.

It was to be a hobby, a project for my portfolio, but the portfolio didn't get used, because making visuals changed my life.

6 months in and with my social media growing to 100k, I quit my design job to say YES to the opportunities coming my way!

2 years later, I’ve worked with influential clients, like Steven Bartlett, I've grown in confidence, and designed a new life for myself all thanks to visuals.

I’ve come to realise this not-so-controversial idea that we all have great ideas and value to share, but sometimes, we need a little help communicating our ideas.

That’s why I spent 3 months developing a course collating everything I've learnt in creating and sharing visuals online.

Because I believe the outcome is net positive. The more effectively we communicate, the better we understand each other. The more we feel seen, heard and understood!

Be it for your pitch or presentation, your students, clients or brand, or an outlet for your creativity, visualising ideas really is a meta-skill... waiting for many of us to tap into!