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Visuals are in high demand! I invite you to fill out this form to join my exclusive waitlist and be notified first when now spots come up in my diary. The more information you can provide, the better equipped I will be to decide if we are a good fit to work together. Thank you for your time.

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"She's incredibly easy to communicate with and one of those people where you always end chats feeling energised and happy."

- Chris Rawlinson, Founder of 42courses

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"Her graphic style is spotless and reduced to the essential, making it both inspirational and easy to understand."

- Brunello Gianella.

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Collaborating with me will help get your messages out to more people.

My illustrations have performed well time and time again and have been shared by influential people including Steven Bartlett and Greg Mckeown. Your audiences will be asking for more!


Can I share your existing work online?

I regularly get asked this, but I don’t have the capacity to reply to every request. The short answer is, yes, with full credits, but only if you kindly follow these guidelines:

🔍 Provide clear written credits in the caption of your post. Don’t just subtly tag me. Make it very clear that I am the illustrator.
🔍 Don't sell it as part of a product
🔍 Don’t crop my logo out
🔍 Don’t add your name, face or logo
🔍 Don’t edit or alter the visuals
🔍 Don’t add filters or change the colours
🔍 Don’t pretend it’s your work
🔍 It is a “one-off” post and not part of your regular content strategy to post my work.

If you would like to purchase a licence to share my illustrations commercially, please contact me directly.

I take my copyright very seriously. If I see that you are infringing on my copyright, I may ask that you edit the caption of your post, repost or delete the post entirely.

Why visual communication?

Visuals are understood 60,000 times faster than text! We are living in a world of information overload; we have to compete for our audience’s attention.

We have about 8 seconds to make an impression.I help you make those seconds count, with visuals that tap into our emotions. Audiences can feel seen, heard, and understood.

What illustration services do you offer?

I offer licensing of custom illustrations based on your ideas and concepts. I can take your written ideas and translate them into a memorable visual format.

You can also licence any of my existing illustrations. I invite you to choose these from my Instagram portfolio.

Do you work independently or as part of a team?

Right now, it is just me handling the communications and creations. If you don’t hear back from me straight away, I am probably nose-deep in a big creative project.

I also try to maintain boundaries between work and home life. The happier I am as a human, the more creative I am and the better the outputs I can produce for you.

How does it work?

You send me your big ideas and I find a suitable visual metaphor. The more specific you can provide the better. For example:

  • Notes – write down your thoughts. I’ll spot the key themes.
  • Scribbles – doodle the ideas in your head. I’ll bring them to life.
  • Quotes – jot down your favourite quotes. I’ll translate them into a visual.

What am I looking for in your content?

  • Connections, components, patterns, trends, and relationships.
  • Frameworks, definitions, systems, and mental models.
  • Directions, journeys, struggles, challenges, and outcomes.

What is your philosophy?

Quality beats quantity: a powerful visual will be the gift that keeps on giving. There is no mass production line. I consider each idea carefully to find a suitable visual metaphor.

My creative process is reductional. Each illustration aims to communicate one key idea. Too much noise and your message gets lost. I remove the noise and double down on the signal in my minimalistic, clutter-free illustrations.

How much do you charge for your illustrations?

Pricing varies depending on your needs, the complexity of your project, the time frame and the intended purpose of the illustrations. Upon gathering enough information about your project, I can supply a specific quote. Prices start at £300 per illustration.

This accounts for the whole creative process from start to finish. It includes our initial consultation, the time taken for me to come up with the ideas, presenting the ideas, creating the final illustrations and making any small revisions as per your request.

What is your typical turnaround time for a project?

I have a 6-week average lead time from when the initial process starts. However, it really depends on the size of your project and how fast you are able to communicate with me throughout the process. My aim is always to get the project completed as fast as possible whilst maintaining the highest standards.

Anything under 2 weeks is usually too little time for me to carry out the process of collecting your ideas, designing and creating the final illustrations. If you have a relatively short time window that you need me to fulfil, I may be able to accommodate this at a premium.

Can you handle rush projects with tight deadlines?

I can meet deadlines. However, taking on last-minute deadlines ultimately means I have to push back existing client projects which is not always possible, especially if have already made previous commitments and personal plans.

I deem 2-3 weeks as a tight turnaround. If you are serious about working together, I may be able to accommodate your project at a premium price. This is not my preferred way of working as I like to take the time to craft the illustrations to a high standard and it takes time to ‘solve the creative puzzle’.

To come up with compelling ideas, I often go out walking or spend long periods reflecting. My own creativity needs to be nurtured. I resist the ‘machine-like’ approach, in favour of a highly personal human approach.

Can you work with specific file formats for both print and digital?

Of course, I can either supply PNG, JPEG and PDF files. The colour profile will be RGB for online purposes and CMYK for printed illustrations.

Do you require any payment before starting a project?

Yes, I take full payment upfront. This allows me to secure your slot in my diary. I prefer to receive payments via bank transfer GBP so that I receive the full amount.

How do you handle copyright and ownership of the illustrations?

As my client, you purchase the licence to share the illustrations for your intended purpose, which is outlined in a Commissioner Agreement between us. In almost all cases, a license is all you will need and paying the extra to purchase the copyrights is an overkill.

As the illustrator, I choose not to sell my rights to the work that I produce. This means the illustrations you buy are not for resale of replication. If you would like some more information on this topic, please visit the Association of Illustrators (AOI) guide here.

Do I need to credit you when sharing the illustrations?

Yes, and in fact, my clients like to celebrate our collaborations. It is not something to hide! Just like when share our favourite authors quotes, when the illustrations are shared, you can provide credits to the captions of your posts in the following way: Illustrations by Hannah Wilson @QuotedVisually.

Providing links ensures also that I see the post, allowing me to repost, engage and promote it to improve the performance of your post.

We also promote the partnerships by adding both of our logos to the illustrations as inevitably people do like to repost the illustrations.

Are you available for ongoing collaborations?

Long-term projects are actually my favourite kind as we get to know each other and enjoy the process of collaborating and growing our brands together. Just bear in mind I have limited spots for long-term projects. Feel free to fill out the form and propose what you have in mind.

What are your terms and conditions for cancellations or project changes?

I am always happy to accommodate changes to the project scope, but in most cases, this will require an additional payment. Sharing all the necessary information at the start of your project will hopefully avoid this and ensure that there are no delays.

Our agreement may be terminated at any time by either party. You will be refunded according to how much work I have already done. 

If you have commissioned five illustrations and I have already finished three, you will be refunded for the two illustrations that haven’t been started. However, if I have started working on an illustration it is not possible to issue a refund due to the time and commitment cost.

How do we communicate and collaborate throughout the illustration process?

I stand behind the importance of connecting on a video call before we start working together so that we can develop a working relationship.

After our initial Discovery Call, we communicate over email or WhatsApp, depending on your preference. Often clients like to explain their ideas to me over a voice note.

All project information is housed in a custom Notion portal. This is where you will be able to keep up to date with the progress of your illustrations.

We might need to hop on the phone again to discuss ideas or present the final illustrations. I tailor the experience to fit your needs, choosing not to add in any unnecessary meetings to respect your time and to make the process fun and run as smoothly as possible.

Do you provide revisions or edits to the illustrations?

Yes. If we are working together for the first time, I will often share sketches of my ideas before I create the final illustrations. This will give you the opportunity to determine the direction of the illustrations. Once the final illustration has been created, you can suggest one round of minor revisions.

The key thing here is to share as much information as possible with me at the start of the process. As time goes on we will get to know each other better and I’ll be able to create without much input from you, as I am sure your life is a busy one.

Can you translate the illustrations in different languages?

Yes, I would be delighted to. You can view an example here. I supplied illustrations in 3 languages for this client.

How it works: you provide me with the translated text upon viewing the English versions. Each translation comes with a small additional fee for the added value and my time taken to perfect the layout in the different languages.

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